Monday, November 17, 2014

Wood Islands to Point Prim

We started where we'd left off a couple of days before, at Wood Islands.Within a few kilometers of the ferry terminal, there are several pull-offs to undeveloped beaches. I'm embarrassed to say I don't remember which one we visited - Point Stewart, maybe? But it was a beautifully wild beach. I was delighted to discover tiny hermit crabs scurrying along in the shallow water!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cape Bear to Wood Islands

While most of my visit to Prince Edward Island this past summer involved lounging around on beaches, reading, I did manage at least one new drive. At first, the plan was to cover the southeastern coast of the island, from Cape Bear to Point Prim, in a single day. But after a late start, and finding more to see along the way than we'd bargained for, we embraced the slower path and broke the drive into two days instead of one.

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Top Ten Reasons to Take a High School Eurotrip

Alex in Wanderland's recent post about her group tour experience of the Greek islands had me thinking about the group trips I've been on. While church trips and studying abroad qualify as group travel, I've technically only been on one package tour - the summer I graduated from high school, I went on a school trip to Europe. (Thanks, Mom and Dad.) The trip was coordinated by a teacher at my high school and run by EF Tours. We landed in Frankfurt and met up with the rest of our tour group - a dozen kids from another school, plus a smattering of pairs or solo students - and our bilingual guide, Melanie. For the next two and a half weeks, we traveled through Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, and England by bus.

People tend to turn this type of tour into a joke. Buses full of young, annoying Americans, descending upon the splendors of Europe and preferring the clubbing and drinking, are a pretty easy target. But honestly, when better to try a tour than when you're in high school? Here are ten reasons I'd encourage any high school student to go on a package trip of Europe (or any foreign country, really) through their school...

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Overnight in Saint Andrews by-the-Sea

Saint Andrews by-the-Sea is a cute little town on the coast in New Brunswick. It's known for some of the highest tides in the world, being on the Bay of Fundy, and is a great jumping-off point for visiting the Hopewell Rocks and going whale-watching. We... did neither of those things. My parents and I were in town briefly, having chosen Saint Andrews as a good place to break up our trip to PEI.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Postcards from Polly's Parents: the Middle

New Brunswick

My mom has always been a huge fan of postcards. Her one request on my recent trip to South America was that I send her a few. I don't know if it's the prevalence of e-mail or a lack of touristic infrastructure, but it was difficult to find postcards outside major cities in Brazil and Argentina. I managed to send four, and they all arrived, trickling across the Canadian border between one and two months after my trip was finished.