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Hi! I'm Polly and this is my travel blog.

I've been traveling since before I was born (literally), thanks to my parents. However, between work and money, my trips are usually limited to one or two new locations per year. I love adding new countries to the list of places I've visited, but I also enjoy seeing different parts of the United States and feel lucky to live in such a large, geographically and culturally diverse country. As of this posting, I've been to 16 countries and visited 38 of the 50 states.

I'm an artist and a history and culture geek. I love trying new food and exploring old buildings. I enjoy city weekends and country road trips. I'm generally a budget traveler, but I like to splurge on at least one unique experience for each trip I take. Sometimes I travel with family or friends, but I love the freedom of solo travel. Capturing the feel of a place with my camera is extremely important to me.

Below is a list of places I've been to. I've added links to the ones I've written a…

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