Egypt Packing Planning

Egypt Travel Packing

1) TOPS. Five tee shirts in neutral colors, two long-sleeved tees.
2) PANTS. One pair of wide-leg black yoga pants, one pair of cargo pants.
3) DRESS. Casual but modest maxi dress.
4) HAT, SCARVES, AND JEWELRY. Floppy black sunhat, two scarves, cheap and simple earrings and bangles.
5) SWIMWEAR. Modest swimsuit, tunic coverup, sunglasses, and sunscreen.
6) LAYERS. Black cardigan, camp shirt for a pop of subtle color.
7) LUGGAGE. Carry-on suitcase, backpack for Luxor side-trip, small camera bag for necessities.
8) FOOTWEAR. One pair of sneakers, one pair of casual flats, one pair of sandals.
9) HEALTH. Hand sanitizer and wipes for easy clean, emegen-c for rehydration.
10) MEMORY MAKERS. Travel journal, camera, and flashlight for the tombs.


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