My Nordic Top Ten Wishlist

Majestic Norway 

As a traveler, the Nordic region has never really been a place that calls to me. My brother visited Finland and Sweden on a "sports ambassador" trip the summer before he entered high school, and brought me back a pretty awesome hat, but I never felt a "pining for the fjords" myself.

That is, until I  started binge-watching Danish tv. It's kinda all Mads Mikkelsen's fault, as I'm a huge fan of the tv show Hannibal and needed something to tide me over in between seasons. I'd heard great things about Jagten (which is a really, really good, if soul crushing, movie). From there, it was, "Well if you liked that, you have to see this..." and somewhere along the way, I read some epic praise of the Danish crime drama Forbrydelsen. Pretty soon, I was marathoning that, and Borgen, and Bron/Broen simultaneously.

So, with my interest in Denmark and Sweden piqued, I did a little further exploring. Again, Pinterest is huge help in this area (as is Trover, which I've just recently discovered). Thanks Icelandair's ad campaign in the NYC subways, and numerous travel blogs, I already knew Iceland to be absolutely gorgeous and super hot right now. But Norway surprised me with its natural beauty as well. So here's my current top 10 wishlist of Nordic places I'd like to visit/things I'd like to do:

Drive across the Øresund Bridge blasting 'Hollow Talk'.
Pretend to be hbic Birgitte Nyborg at Christiansborg Palace.

The little mermaid, Copenhagen
Take a selfie with the Little Mermaid.

Northen lights in Henningsvær 20.02.14
See the Northern Lights.

Norway , the Queen Mary 2 . 
Take the Flåm Railway in Norway and sail around the fjord.

The drunk bridge / Il ponte ubriaco
Drive the Atlantic Road.

Visit the Lofoten Islands.

Golden Strike
Drive the Ring Road in Iceland.

Angry Cloud - Snæfellsnes, Iceland
Visit the Snæfellsnes peninsula.

The Blue Lagoon Iceland - fake tilt shift
Swim in Iceland's Blue Lagoon.

I mean, seriously. Go back and look at those pictures again. Travel porn.


  1. The Atlantic Road looks crazy! Would love to go over it with someone else driving, but would perhaps be too terrified to actually do the driving myself!

    1. I feel like you get to enjoy more of the scenery when someone else is driving anyway. :) My favorite pictures of the Atlantic Road, though, are ones like this - - in stormy weather. Don't think I'd be crossing then, no matter who was driving!


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