Halloween in Fort Greene

New York City is known for doing some holidays well (Christmas!) and others not so much. Halloween ranks pretty high on the charts. The fun thing about Halloween in the city is that there are plenty of free events, including one of New York's favorite things - an opportunity to dress up their pets and show them off!

 2012 Art Installation at Fort Greene Park

The pictures in this post span three separate Halloweens - 2011, 2012, and 2013 - and were taken in my old neighborhood, Fort Greene. Fort Greene is an area that has experienced a good deal of gentrification over the past decade, but isn't quite at Park Slope levels with the stroller set yet. Close to downtown Brooklyn, one of the anchors of the neighborhood is Fort Greene Park. The park is where the annual Halloween doggie pageant known as The Great PUPkin takes place. My roommates and I grabbed some hot apple cider and donuts from the farmer's market at the end of the park before heading down to watch.

This was super topical in 2012.

Hipster pup and child.

Another Halloween traditional to catch is the show at 313 Clinton Avenue. Great for a trick-or-treating break, free shows run once every half-hour on Halloween evening.

The Wall Street Banker skeleton caught in his web of greed was super-topical in 2011. The barfing pumpkin is timeless.


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