At Home on Prince Edward Island

When I write about Prince Edward Island, especially about the time I spend at my parents' home, I sort of feel guilty, like I'm like bragging about an experience most travelers won't have. But each year I visit, I discover new things to love about the island and indulge in the things I already know - like the amazing food, the private beaches, the birds and wildlife, the tucked-away harbours, and the view from my parents' cottage. 

Sometimes pictures work better than writing about the things you love about a place that's kind of a second home, rather than a brief vacation. Though I plan on exploring new parts of the island every year, I also spend more and more time just relaxing. I enjoy the grey and rainy days as much as the sunny ones. They're a wonderful opportunity to curl up with a book and some hot tea and enjoy the marvelous peace and quiet.


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