Denver Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are so much fun. What's a better combination than travel, food, a party, and spending time with friends? 


The evening before the wedding was the bachelorette party. After meeting up with Erin at the hotel, we drove back into Denver proper and had dinner at the Blue Bonnet Cafe - Mexican food and Margaritas. Then we headed for the party...

After some typical bachelorette shenanigans, we ended the night at Beatrice and Woodsley, one of the most beautifully decorated restaurants I've been to. Stacie's family had reserved the wine cellar for our party and hired a belly dance instructor, which ended up being the perfect combination.

The next afternoon, once we'd finished discovering dinosaurs and dressed for the wedding, we made a quick stop at Tipsy's Liquor World, a liquor store the size of some Walmarts. Again, I'm so happy my friends are dorks who are unafraid to take pictures in such places, even after attracting the attention of the security guard with our giggles.

Finally, we headed out toward Lower Lake Ranch, the wedding venue. We passed forests of aspen trees, turning yellow, and science teacher Meaghan explained how they're really all one tree, connected by an intricate root system.

Being Columbus Day weekend, the weather was a little grey and chilly, but the ceremony was beautiful. Stacie and Rob had picked the most untouched of the three wedding spots on the ranch, on a rocky outcrop next to a bubbling creek, surrounded by tall pines and lovely fall foliage.

The reception was held in a rustic lodge on the property. I had so much fun dancing the night away with some of my best friends, girls I don't get to see nearly enough. In fact, this was the last time all six of us were together! I'm so happy that we were all able to make it, and that Stacie was able to share her special day and the gorgeous place she now lives with us.


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