Downtown Denver

The whole point of going to Denver for the weekend was to attend my dear friend Stacie's wedding, but since I'd never been there before, I decided to spend a little time getting to know the city. After a morning flight, I spent a leisurely afternoon shopping and dining on the 16th Street Mall. The following day, my friend Meaghan and I passed a couple of pleasant hours on a walk a few blocks south of our hotel. Here are a few spots I enjoyed in Downtown Denver.

16th Street Mall
The 16th street mall runs through the heart of downtown Denver, between Union Station and the Civic Center. You'll find loads of national chain stores, but also many local restaurants or smaller shops. Best thing of all - Denver made this pedestrian mall super accessible by installing a free shuttle service from one end to the other!

Union Station
I started my afternoon walk at the northern end of 16th, at Union Station. While it's currently undergoing some major modernization, at the time I went, it was just a cool old train station with some great retro signage.

The Tattered Cover
The Tattered Cover is a large, beautiful bookstore. Aside from browsing (they had a great travel section), I bought a card to go with Stacie's wedding present and grabbed some coffee.

Rockmount Ranch Wear
Rockmount Ranch Wear is a seriously cool little store. This is where the first western shirts with snaps were sold. The original owner of the store, Jack A. Well, basically invented the look of the 20th century cowboy.

Wines off Wynkoop
Wines off Wynkoop is a handily located wine shop off a street with an excellent name. I bought a bottle of prosecco for the bride and groom here, to go with the champagne flutes I'd already ordered.

Paramount Cafe
I ended my Mall trawl with dinner at the Paramount Cafe. I had an BBQ elk burger and a beer, while the televisions mounted around the restaurant showed college football on one channel and hunting on another. 'Merika!

Larimer Square
Larimer Square, off of 16th Street's main drag, has lots of shops and restaurants. It's a great place for dinner under a canopy of twinkling lights, with many of Denver's top restaurants and bars.


Colorado State Capitol, US Mint, Etc.
As you head south of the 16th Street Mall on Broadway, you start to enter the Capitol Hill area. You can see the golden dome of the state capitol building, or check out a tour of the US Mint a few blocks to the west.

Molly Brown House
The Unsinkable Molly Brown of Titanic fame - or Margaret, as she was actually known - lived here. It's a neat old house, and you learn a bit about the history of Denver as well as the socialite's own incredible life story.


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